4X Variety Pack SBSG 4 Pods



4X Variety Pack SBSG 4 Pods

Take a walk through many different types of heavenly realms with the 4X Variety Pack. Let’s start out with what lies inside. First off, you will find the premium sour berry belts e-juice, made with pride to imitate the famous candy itself. Second, you will find the Blue Blackberry flavor, made to appeal to berry lovers all across the world. Next up, we have the sour gummy flavored juice, synthesized in ways that awaken your senses from their slumber due to a tarty characteristic. And last but not least, we have the Grape. This flavor tastes exactly like the berry itself, revealing pungent sweet flavors that cloak the palate with the first inhalation. No matter which one you will try, we guarantee that you will instantly fall in love.

Package contents:

4X Variety Pack SBSG 4 Pods – JUUL Compatible

Each 4X pod contains 1mL of eJuice with 6.5% salt nic by weight.

IngredientsGlycerol, propylene glycol, flavor, nicotine, benzoic acid


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