What are JUUL compatible pods?

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JUUL compatible pods are tiny disposable vape cartridges that fit in the JUUL. They consist of a coil, wick and e-liquid containing either nicotine salt or CBD e-juice. At some point you were only able to vape the same few flavors, but now there are more options.

The most popular JUUL compatible pods are for regular nicotine vaping. The JUUL device was designed specifically for smokers, so the pods contain high levels of nic salt, a special type of nicotine that tends to be smoother on the throat. JUUL compatible nicotine pods are generally cheaper, contain a bit more e-liquid and offer more flavor options and oftentimes more nicotine compared to the original JUUL pods.

What are CBD JUUL pods?

Another excellent purpose for JUUL alternative pods is to vape CBD oil. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is derived from the hemp plant. It provides many of the known benefits and effects of cannabis, but vaping it won’t get you high. To learn how to vape CBD properly and effectively, see our full guide for more information.

CBD pods are a high-tech alternative to pre-filled CBD cartridges and CBD vape pens for vaping CBD with your JUUL. It’s so easy to get the perfect nicotine and cannabidiol dosage, just pop in a pod and puff it up. Keep in mind that these pods are going to be a bit more expensive than your nicotine pods because high quality CBD oil is not cheap.

Pros and cons of JUUL compatible pods

The best JUUL compatible pods generally offer more advantages than disadvantages. They are less expensive, come in a wider array of flavors and nicotine strengths and hold 0.3 more mL e-liquid per pod—so you actually get 1.2 more mL per pack for less money.

CBD pods are not necessarily cheap, but they are a very convenient way to vape CBD oil with your JUUL. If you already vape nicotine, it makes sense to use pods that are compatible with your device, instead of having to purchase a separate 510 threaded battery.

There are a few disadvantages to using third party JUUL compatible pods. They aren’t as widely available as the original pods, but are starting to become more prevalent in vape shops and convenience stores. Since they are produced by different companies, the performance might be inconsistent. On top of that, most of the cheaper knock-off JUUL pods don’t use high quality coil materials as authentic JUUL pods. This means that they will generally perform at a lower level, and many of them will not be compatible with the JUUL’s temperature control feature which prevents burnt hits.

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