Can other pods be used in Juul

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Juul compatible cartridges operate much in the same way as any e-liquid pod. Again, the main sticking point for these cartridges is if they are

  • Pre-filled or
  • Refillable

From there, if vapers choose a pre-filled cartridge, they can choose from several different flavors, nicotine strengths, and even CBD compatible cartridges.Refillable cartridges often come with an e-juice capacity (1ml) a little higher than the original’s 0.7ml size. The coil resistance of these pods also differs from genuine Juul pods, with some of them firing anywhere between 1.6 and 2.0ohms.

How to Use Juul Compatible Cartridges?

Juul compatible cartridges operate much in the same way as any e-liquid pod. Again, the main sticking point for these cartridges is if they are pre-filled or refillable. Pre-filled ones are much easier to use as users need only install them into the Juul battery.

Refillable ones may take a little more skill, in terms of opening the pods, filling them (without overfilling them) and then installing them again. But, again, even refillable pods, apart from filling them, do not take much work.

Which Are the Best Juul Compatible Pods?

The answer to the question, which Juul compatible pods are the best, comes down to personal preference. The whole point behind the alternative cartridges is that they present a different option than the monopoly that Pax has on the device and its pods.

Only, users should not be fooled into thinking that Juul compatible pods work better than the originals. The alternative pods have their problems as well; burnt hits, leaking pods, and poor flavor quality among them.

Choosing the best from among pre-filled cartridges, some of them pre-filled with e-juice as well as CBD is hard to say, especially if a person prefers using their favorite e-juice and wants to use only refillable ones. Then again, if a person only likes pre-filled pods, but wants more flavor variety or lighter or stronger nicotine strength, then that option exists as well, but they probably won’t be choosing empty pods.

Are Juul Compatible Pods Safe?

The Juul is a low-powered device that rarely has safety, technical, or operating issues if used properly. Using an alternative cartridge may only pose a problem if the pod is pre-filled with a low-quality, poorly-made e-liquid.

As Pax Lab claims in a lawsuit that it brought against makers of Juul compatible pods, these manufacturers don’t pay as much attention to quality control as they do, which is, debatable. Still, if a user wants to pick up a pre-filled pod, they should do their research to find out the experience of other users to see if they hold up or do not.

Where to Buy Juul Compatible Pods?

If you  are in search for where to buy the best juul compatible pod flavors   the you need to loacte a smoke shop near you as well as online vape shops, these are  the best places to buy Juul compatible pods online. Several brands of pods have their websites, like Eonsmoke, but they are also available through other retailers. Price and availability vary among shops, so it would be best to shop around for the best deal, no matter if buying pre-filled or refillable pods.

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